Who is Jaded Dragon Studios?

Jaded Dragon Studios is a small art house from Burlington, Ontario. They  produce a wide variety of artwork including illustration, sculpture and graphic novels. They sell their work at art shows & conventions around the GTA.

Founded and run by two artists, this Husband and wife team are always looking for new ways to showcase their art.

Lara and Paul living the dream

Lara Aiken: Lara attended Sheridan Tech for their SOCAD course. She cites her favourite artists as Salvadore Dali, Renoir, Edward Gory, and H.R. Gieger. Her literary tastes run from Shaun Tan to the Dark Tower series by Stephen King (best books ever!!). She also loves children’s books like The Gruffalo and Sticky Burr.

Paul Schultz: Paul is a graduate of the Interpretive Illustration program at Sheridan Tech. his influences include Berni Wrightson, Mike Mignola, and Brian Bolland. He loves the darker side of things and has a curious affinity for frogs.