The Doctor Who Society of Canada at Art-O-Con

The Doctor Who Society of Canada is foremost a social network for Canadian Whovians, where anyone can enjoy meeting fellow Doctor Who fans and amongst other things, discuss the finer points of a program which has become a worldwide phenomenon. They currently offer social gatherings which include cosplay events, screenings and pub nights
and attend events like Art-O-Con; with a Dalek or two in tow. This year you & your family will not be disappointed.

So help us welcome them to the show and find out more about the DWSC here:

Website –
Email –

Theobald & Co Graphics will be coming to Art-O-Con!

Theobald & Co Graphics are newer to conventions & are half way through their 3rd year on the con scene.

They are vendors at this show & are offering Geeky products made by Lee Theobald, such as earrings, cork coasters, key tags, pins and acrylic clocks & their newest endeavor… custom made light sabers!

So come check out Theobald Graphics & the amazing products they make, at their first Art-O-Con appearance.

You can also find them on-line at

Colleen Temple will be at Art-O-Con!!!

Colleen Temple is a Guelph based artist and illustrator who specializes in astronomy-inspired subject matter, but also enjoys depicting horror and fantasy creatures, portraits and animals. Her main mediums are spray and oil paints, as well as pastels and pencil crayons, but she also dabbles in watercolour and ink.

You can find Colleen & her artwork this October 23rd at Art-O-Con

You can also follow her on Instagram:

She is also currently developing her Youtube channel which will feature fun videos of works from start to finish, as well as features on the local creative community:

Orders and commissions can be sent via email to

Practically Geeky is coming to Art-O-Con!

Cathy Gainham has always been interested in art & using her hands. Usually making stuff for fun (with a video game flair because geeky stuff is awesome!), soon she figured she should start selling things rather then have them sit in a slowly growing pile in the corner. Thus began Practically Geeky

After 4 years of convention-selling and growing her craft, she makes art ranging from perler-bead magnets to jewelry. From duct tape wallets to plushies and so much more. She believes variety is the spice of life (also it get’s boring to make the same things all the time). Most of her crafts are things you can use or wear in your day to day life, so you can show off you’re inner geek anywhere and everywhere!

We welcome Practically Geeky to Art-O-Con
Check out more here:


Sarah Legault will be at Art-O-Con.

Sarah Legault (London, ON) is an award winning filmmaker, director, producer, animator, and writer; winning an award for Best Animated Short Film at the 2014 Toronto Independent Film Festival for her first stop-motion animation Dear Love. Since 2005; She has won 10 awards for her unique custom motorcycle paint work; which has been featured across North America. Sarah specializes in illustration, stop-motion animation, doll making, painting, as well as curating large multi-media shows in London, Ontario. Sarah likes to keep busy.

Sarah’s body of work is truly something to see & her drive for her art is unquestionable, unique & stunningly beautiful.
Her newest work Firefly with the band Johnny Hollow is a masterpiece!

Take a look at Sarah’s work here:

‘Firefly’ was directed and animated by Sarah Legault, produced and written by Vincent Marcone, and composed by Janine White. To everyone else who was involved in this project my hats off to you because it’s Amazing!


Sarah Benning will be at Art-O-Con

Sarah Benning is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer originally from Ottawa but currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area.

She is a graduate from Sheridan College with a BAA in Illustration. She works in a mix of digital and traditional media. Sarah also loves combining her illustrations with other crafts to sell on Etsy, such as making jewellery and sewing projects from self-designed fabric. Sarah drinks way too much tea & spends way too much time on tumblr & instagram, where she posts all her doodles and sketches.

Come see her this October 23rd at Art-O-Con

Etsy: // Tumblr: // Instagram: // Twitter: @sacariart

Clover Thursday Is coming to Art-O-Con!!!

Clover Thursday is a Toronto-ish based illustrator, graphic designer and (sometimes) photographer with a love of comics and small press. She is currently heading into her thesis year at OCADU for illustration.

This will be her second time attending a con of any size as a vendor but the first time tabling all on her own! She offers a mix between hand done ink with pops of digital colour, bleeding washes and hard graphic shapes and silhouettes. She’ll be bringing her original stories and creations along with reimaginings of all the things she likes to nerd over!

Come see her work this October 23rd at Art-O-Con

Feel free to follow her on:



Jupejuperocket art is coming to Art-O-Con

Stephany Lein is a professional artist from Thunder Bay who now lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

Stephany runs Jupejuperocket art & has seven comics under her belt and is always excited for the next project. We are thrilled to have her coming to Art-O-Con 2016. Check out more of her stuff here:

Professor Morbius’ Meka Curiousitites will be coming to Art-O-Con

Chadwick Alcantara (aka Dalek Simon) created Professor Morbius’ Meka Curiousitites as an art side project in 2014. Since that time it has grown into a thriving business.

Chad was inspired to upcycle & refurbish lost and abandon toys into unique moving sculptures. His one of a kind steampunk creatures are all functional. They walk, move, makes sounds and most cool… light up. He has crafted works such as the steampunk elephant, a meka Parrot called Arty, a malevolent looking crow with glowing red eyes & he has so much more to share with you all.

See him and his army of meka units at Art-O-Con 2016

Check out more of his work here:

WonderLibrarian Art is coming to Art-O-Con

Great Scott! Look who`s coming to Art-O-Con

Denielle Roy has been an artist her entire life. When she was little, she loved drawing her favourite cartoons (Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superheroes) on her chalkboard. She is now a librarian by day, superhero/artist by night!

She founded WonderLibrarianArt in 2012 and has been painting colourful cartoony renderings of her favourite 80’s/90’s cartoons, movies and TV shows ever since. Denielle sells prints, magnets, cards, tote bags and many other creations featuring her work.

Denielle has recently been building her YouTube channel – focusing primarily on geeky interviews, art DIYs and how-tos and movie location tours! She is also a resident member of the We Got the Geek podcast, as well as a recurring co-host of Ryan’s All Things Geek.
Connect with Denielle online in the following ways:

Instagram: @dennika1
Twitter: @dennika1
YouTube: Denni Roy