Sarah Legault will be at Art-O-Con.

Sarah Legault (London, ON) is an award winning filmmaker, director, producer, animator, and writer; winning an award for Best Animated Short Film at the 2014 Toronto Independent Film Festival for her first stop-motion animation Dear Love. Since 2005; She has won 10 awards for her unique custom motorcycle paint work; which has been featured across North America. Sarah specializes in illustration, stop-motion animation, doll making, painting, as well as curating large multi-media shows in London, Ontario. Sarah likes to keep busy.

Sarah’s body of work is truly something to see & her drive for her art is unquestionable, unique & stunningly beautiful.
Her newest work Firefly with the band Johnny Hollow is a masterpiece!

Take a look at Sarah’s work here:

‘Firefly’ was directed and animated by Sarah Legault, produced and written by Vincent Marcone, and composed by Janine White. To everyone else who was involved in this project my hats off to you because it’s Amazing!


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