Practically Geeky is coming to Art-O-Con!

Cathy Gainham has always been interested in art & using her hands. Usually making stuff for fun (with a video game flair because geeky stuff is awesome!), soon she figured she should start selling things rather then have them sit in a slowly growing pile in the corner. Thus began Practically Geeky

After 4 years of convention-selling and growing her craft, she makes art ranging from perler-bead magnets to jewelry. From duct tape wallets to plushies and so much more. She believes variety is the spice of life (also it get’s boring to make the same things all the time). Most of her crafts are things you can use or wear in your day to day life, so you can show off you’re inner geek anywhere and everywhere!

We welcome Practically Geeky to Art-O-Con
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