Nicole Garcia is coming to Art-O-Con

Wow do we have something amazing for you! Read right to the bottom to see the very cool announcement!!!!

Nicole Garcia is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator located in Oakville, Ont.

She is a creative force & for the past decade Nicole has been doing shows all across the GTA. Her handmade cosplays are also crazy good and I grab photo shoots with her every chance I get.

At Art-O-Con she’s doing something she has never done before. Nicole will be selling her overstock from the past 10 years of conventions for the crazy amount of $2 a print, no matter what the size! She aims to be like an EVERYTHING MUST GO clearance booth. The reason…

As Nicole says “This is mainly to make more room & raise money for HER NEW BABY TO BE!!!!!” That’s right, help me congratulate Nicole & her husband on this amazing baby news and get to her table this October 23rd!

See her website here:

Kyle Dawney will be at Art-O-Con 2016

Currently a graphic designer by day, Kyle is a multi-disciplinary artist living just outside of Toronto.

As a visual artist, Kyle is primarily self-taught. His love of drawing and making things with his hands has led him to create a wide range of artwork, such as traditionally drawn cartoons, comics and paintings, hand-lettering and calligraphy, and even the odd wood carving.

Kyle has worked in a variety of fields that have fueled his creative side. He’s worked in the video games industry as a user interface designer and concept artist, and has continually grown within the design and marketing industries to become a well respected designer at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions.

It’s no secret Kyle has a passion for science fiction, fantasy, and everything in between. And that passion can clearly been seen in the works he creates.

Additionally, he may or may not be a viking superhero.

You can find out more about Kyle and his work at the following links:




The MacFie’s Wizard Shop will be coming to Art-O-Con

That’s right. The one… the only… MacFie’s Wizard Shop will be at Art-O-Con.

I met this husband/wife team a few yeas ago now at Fan Expo and I knew right away that they were something special. Not only are the two owners (Danny & Shayna) skilled beyond what most brains can handle but they are also massively kind & funny people who I just love to bits!

For those of you who don’t know, this amazing shop specializes in handmade wooden wands made from a variety of both domestic and exotic woods. Each wand comes with a handmade cotton wand bag and information card detailing your wands properties and characteristics. They also offer wand boxes, wand stands so you can display your wands for all to see.

They are also know far and wide for rune sets, apothecary and potion sets, candle holders, owls, lovely wooden boxes & some of the best made vampire hunting kits I have ever seen.

So this October 23rd you simply must come to Art-O-Con
& check out more about MacFie’s Wizard Shop here:

Neverwares will be at Art-O-Con on October 23rd

Never Poplar Is such a fantastic artist & I adore her work very much. She is the owner, designer & metal smith behindNeverwares. We are super excited to have Never at Art-O-Con 2016.

As a Metal smith and Tinker she has made so many wonderful creations. Her style is industrial, encompassing a modern mechanical aesthetic with preparations and finishes that hint at great age. Her education in Goldsmithery touches on the time-honoured traditions of her forbears.

Help me welcome Never & Neverwares as she brings her Steampunk and industrial vintage Jewelry to the show.

Please check out more about this super cool artist here:

Monika & Aaron Ptok-Byard will be coming to Art-O-Con

Faebyl Art – Artwork by Monika Ptok-Byard

Monika is a fantastic artist and one of the kindest people I have ever met.
she has been fascinated by Myth and Folklore since an early age & paints enchanting faeries and mythical creatures, enjoyed around the world by both children and adults alike.

Primarily self taught, she finds most of her inspiration through nature, travel and culture. She has also traveled and lived around the world from Thailand and the Bahamas to Austria and British Columbia & now she has called Ontario her home. Monika’s paintings are mostly done with watercolours. Her favourites being Schmincke, Windsor and Newton and Daniel Smith on hot pressed watercolour paper. She also works with ink, coloured pencil, silverpoint and acrylics.

Aaron Ptok-Byard is a very skilled custom knife maker and has been making knives since 2009. His company Byard Knives creates some beautiful works. As he says “I have always enjoyed working with my hands and being creative. Knife making allows me to combine art with function…a challenging but rewarding task”. “Although I strive to make beautiful knives, my ultimate goal is to create knives you can depend on”.

Come see Aaron & Monika at Art-O-Con this October 23rd
& see more about them here:

Syd Bolton & the Personal Computer Museum are coming to the show

Not only is Syd Bolton Canada’s top video game collector and the founder/curator of the Personal Computer Museum,
he is also somebody I call a good friend.

Syd has always loved technology so It’s no suprise he became a software developer, IT guy, video game historian as well as running the Personal Computer Museum. He has also dabbled in writing, voice over work, public speaking & is heavily involved in his community of Brantford, Ontario.

We are excited that Syd is coming back to the show & is bringing a selection of vintage computers and games to Art-O-Con

You can find out more here:

Precious Mutations will be coming to Art-O-Con

Precious Mutations was started by local upcycling artist Keith Busher in 2012. His line of ‘Mutated’ figurines and Zombie Nutcrackers have been shipped worldwide.

He recently teamed up with Nick Martin to rebuild an old foosball table into a fully functional Zombie Foosball game.

Keith also creates beautiful abstract paintings using firecrackers and acrylic paint.

Follow Keith on Instagram and Twitter: @preciousmutator
or like his facebook pages here:

There will also be a large selection of rare and collectible movie posters.

We Got the Geek is coming to Art-O-Con

The We Got The Geek podcast started in 2013 and they have built up a large following of fans who tune in to see their comic book reviews, movie and TV announcements & read all the latest Geeky news.

Shortly after their podcasts took off, they began covering & interviewing all kinds of people at events & conventions in person with their small but loyal press core.
One of the first events they attended was Art-O-Con “The wrath of Con” in 2013. They really bonded with a lot of the artists and cosplayers. They met a lot of people who they now call good friends & you can tell they really love what they do.

The team at We Got The Geek’s goal is to continue bringing coverage of all things geeky to you the fan. Current members include Jason Stewart, John Bulmer, Sara Tellier, and Denielle Roy. See them this Art-O-Con 2016


Penney’s Steampunk General Store are coming to Art-O-Con.

Penney’s Steampunk General Store is a locally owned company that is operated by Lloyd and Yvonne Penney. They have been running their business for half a decade now. This lovely couple have a long history of working conventions in and around the Toronto area. They have also been on the committee for the Toronto science fiction convention Ad Astra for the past 30 years.

Yvonne makes cup and saucer sets and costume pieces. Lloyd makes steampunk jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, and anything else that catches his eye. While much on their table is made by hand, Penney’s Steampunk General Store also sells sourced Victorian style brooches, steampunk products, and other items that they think might catch the eye.

Lloyd & Yvonne pick up treasures all over their travels, to sell to their diverse clients, like a true general store. They also dedicate a space on their table to help advertise other artists, business and shows that have supported them in the past.

Check out Penney’s Steampunk General Store at its Facebook page here:…