Becca T-R will be attending Art-O-Con!

Becca T-R is a GTA based illustrator with a passion for comics and games. A graduate of Max the Mutt School of Animation’s sequential art program, her strengths lie in the technical aspects of illustration, perspective, anatomy, and comic layout and design. This is complimented by a strong focus on storytelling whether it is a single image or an entire book. She has done various work in comics, Freelance Blues issue 6 which was recently published by Alterna comics, the Professor Elemental Anthology issue 4 and she is currently working on the web comic spin off Non Player Character at

Aside from comics she has also worked as the artist/graphic designer on the board games, Kaiju Conquest for ATC Games, and is currently working on a new game called Monster Hunt. When she has some time to spare she works on her own comics, Proxy, an ongoing horror comic series in which she finds a sinister entity has been at the source of all her life’s traumatic events and The Twisted Tale of a Tortured Raven, a steampunk horror book with a unique take on death. As well as producing a weekly web comic used therapeutically to explore her own personal struggles with anxiety, and depression called, On Fire for Anxiety.

View her various works at, or see her works in person at Art-O-Con where she will have several books, prints and original art pieces available.

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