The GCE are coming to Art-O-Con!

GCEHelp me welcome The GCE to Art-O-Con!
Not only will they be vending at the show but they will be setting up a photo booth and will be taking professional photos of you for free (or will accept a donation to charity)

Founded in 2012, It’s one of the best places to enjoy geek culture on Facebook!

The GCE is not only a cool place to enjoy on the web but it’s also an amazing traveling marketplace that vends at conventions across North America. Whether you are new to a fandom or have been part of one for years, you’ve found your place with the GCE. If you don’t know what comic to look for on the rack at your local store, they can help you. Maybe you need a place to discuss the last Walking Dead episode because your friends don’t understand how much you loved that character! Or maybe you just need to read amazing articles and interviews done by their stellar staff of contributors from around the world.

The GCE is a team of writers & artists who are passionate about cosplay, comic books & art. They cover conventions, bringing you interviews with your favorite artists, actors & featured cosplayers. They can help keep you updated on the vast world of geeky entertainment. Their unique, worldwide team unites geeks from all over the nerd spectrum whether you are a Padawan or a level 63 Tiefling Shadow Assassin, they’ve got something for everyone.

TWITTER: @geekchicelite

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