Big announcement! Stick to the Story will be at Art-O-Con

STTSStick to the Story has been creating hand carved staffs, canes and wands since 2009. They started off small but have grown over the years and now do several Comicons & festivals in the Niagara area and beyond.

Over the last few years their sales have skyrocketed thanks to several celebrities who purchased their creations. Fans such as Nichelle Nicolls, Billy Dee Williams and even the great Mitch Markowitz just to name a few. With a Twitter following of over 23,000 & sales all over the world; Stick to the Story has become an internationall success.

They also create custom staffs, canes and wands such as Gandalf staffs & Star Wars staffs and Yoda canes. They also create pendants and pendulums. All their creations are hand carved from various woods; oak, willow, applewood, and so on.

We are so excited to have them at our show. Check them out on Twitter Stick2thestory or Facebook:

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