Alfonso Espinos & the Studiocomix crew are coming to Art-O-Con!!!

SCAAlfonso Espinos is an award-winning Canadian comic book creator and illustrator. He is the founder of Studiocomix Press where he is the project’s chief editor, publishing the ongoing series The Night Spike since 1996. His focus has been on publishing his own original material and also supporting and working alongside new emergent graphic artists and comic enthusiasts.

Alfonso has presented lectures on comic book story & development of comic books. He actively participates with Idea Exchange where he has been a instructor teaching Manga and illustration for the past eight years.

You can discover more of Alfonso’s work and about Studiocomix Press including the biographies of the rest of the team at He is also on Twitter: @studiocomix or on Facebook: Studiocomix Press.

“Creating a new generation of original comics”

We are super thrilled to have Studiocomix as our guests atArt-O-Con on October 23rd.

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